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SkyShop Central

This is our recent web project, which is about the building and creation a site about amazon store's sales and promotion. The goal of this website was to create a fresh and modern website where their clients can get not only the appointment time but also the solution for the sale of amazon store products. This site is about amazon stores. Sale and purchase senario. So, it is tried to use the images regarding the site. Anyhow, there may be other options too.


A lab test Website

A lab test website was a task for me to connect the collection centers and to find the reports. Actually, reports are generated in a lab software, which is opened by a patient user code. So, make this connection of lab software and website was a task also, which is accomplished successfully. Recently, I have find some errors in site, which can be removed if the owner of the site hire our package of website maintenance. In our country, this is considered not necessary to hire a web manager.

Educational LMS site

The goal of this website was changed from blog site to education LMS Learning website. The gradual increase in the improvement of the site was just like theory of evolution. Anyhow, When I was handed over the site, there was nothing, no menu pages and data was organized. there was a few articles. The goal was to convert this blog site with the online course learning.

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  3. Responsive Design:

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  4. User-Centric Approach:

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A project of web developers and eCommerce team.

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WebCommers is a team of dedicated professionals, who are experts inĀ  running (Amazon, eBay, Walmart) stores. Also experts in eCommerce paltforms ( Shopify, WooCommerce ) online store building, designing and customization. Our developers are ready for developing websites, designing and building WordPress websites, from conception to completion. As you know a website is simply a structure like a metal body of a Car. It needs fuel and a driver to run on the road. Just like that, a website needs digital marketing and a team to complete its tasks. So, we offer complete services to run your business websites which ultimately generate an income stream.